Sarah Toman

As a licensed psychologist in the State of Ohio, I work with children, adolescents and adults. My role in that process is to provide the most supportive therapeutic relationship and environment possible. I am proud to be the founder of Therapeutic Associates of Medina, and have hand picked a collection of therapists who also believe in support, relationship and environment as three of the primary tools of our trade. This practice is the fulfillment of my own dreams and goals and one I hope will be helpful for you.

In the 1980s I trained as a School Counselor and then graduated from Kent State University as a Counseling Psychologist in the 1990s. At KSU, I was introduced to Gestalt Therapy and have since explored the many aspects of this approach as a model of therapy and as a way of life. My post-graduate training and life-long learning has continued at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, where I am now a member of the faculty. I am also a member of the Counseling and Counseling Psychology faculty at Cleveland State University.

Please contact me for more information, to answer your questions and to schedule an appointment.